The winners of the 2nd edition of the Open Innovative PMI award


On 15 November 2018 the prize-giving ceremony of the Open Innovative PMI Award was held in Rome. The initiative was devised by Bernoni Grant Thornton and is aimed at rewarding Italian innovative SMEs. The 2nd edition of the Observatory on Innovative SMEs Report – by Bernoni Grant Thornton in collaboration with the University of Pisa – analysing the situation of Italian innovative SMEs, was also presented during the event.

The event was attended by: Maurizio Grosso, member of the Board of Chartered accountants; Caron De Mars, Science Counselor of the US embassy in Rome; Giulio Greco, professor at the Department of economics and management at the University of Pisa and coordinator of the Observatory on innovative SMEs.

The winners of the second edition are:

Tortona (AL, Piedmont). The Entsorga group devises high-tech, low environmental impact solutions to turn waste into new resources. Created twenty years ago, Entsorga has always focused on research and development to create innovative waste management solutions and operates as an incubator of projects and ideas to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Turnover: 2.9 M (2016), 7.9 M (2017); Employees: 11 (47% with a university degree); turnover invested in R&D: 3%.

Montecassiano (MC, Marche). Part of the Plados-Delta Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of kitchen sinks in composite materials, the company sells its products with the Telma brand. In 2013 it installed a new automated manufacturing plant allowing to manufacture raw materials for other applications (sinks, bathtubs, shower trays, etc.). In its technology lab operate both internal professionals with a high specialisation in chemistry and external ones, coordinated by local Universities, also taking part in EU-sponsored research projects. In 2014 the company undertook a major internationalisation process.

Turnover: 10.9 M (2016), 11.7 M (2017); Employees: 67; Turnover invested in R&D: 3%.

Modena (MO, Emilia Romagna). Energy Way is a data science company including a team of mathematicians, engineers and artificial intelligence experts with PhDs in international universities and ranking in innovation magazines. Established 4 years ago in Modena by a young entrepreneur, Fabio Ferrari, it now has a team with over twenty under 30 professionals. The company devises innovative mathematical models aimed at improving business efficiency and sustainability and collaborates with partner like Google and IBM, with access to their specialised libraries.

Turnover: 890 K (2016), 1.5 M (2017); Employees: 13 plus 20 data scientists and AI experts; Turnover invested in R&D: 3%.


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Open Innovative PMI 2018 – II^ edition


The second edition of the “Open Innovative PMI” award rolls out now. This is the first national award exclusively dedicated to innovative SMEs and is devised and organised by Bernoni Grant Thornton.

The award is aimed at monitoring, promoting and fostering best Italian innovation, by giving greater visibility to businesses with a high potential to grow.

Applications to the award are free of charge. Only businesses registered with the dedicated register for Innovative SMEs held at the Italian Chamber of Commerce can submit their applications to take part in the award. SMEs undergoing the registration process can also apply – provided that on September 24 they meet all the requirements requested by the Law to be considered Innovative.

Applications open from September 3, 2018!

All applications will be submitted to an independent panel of experts made up by representatives of Italian institutions, academia and the business community. The panel will analyse the projects submitted and select finalists for each of the three categories.

The awarding ceremony will take place on November 15, 2018 at Palazzo Mattei di Giove, in via Michelangelo Caetani 32, the seat of The Center for American Studies in Rome.


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